Red Tiger Gaming’s newest video slot machine is called Devil’s Number.

The Tiger in Red Have the Telephone Number of the Devil

Red Tiger, a firm that develops software for casinos, has just introduced a brand new slots game from R7 Studio. This game provides players with a somewhat gloomier alternative to games that center on brightly colored jellies, dazzling fairies, and cuddly Easter bunnies. The game in question is called Devil’s Number, and it is one that follows the road to the left into the dark abyss of satanic practices and beliefs.

A Game That Is Refreshingly Dark

The slot game Devil’s Number is a five-by-four format and takes place in a gloomy and foreboding library, which we can only suppose is filled with a wide variety of dreadful books and other demonic tomes. Skulls, a possessed cauldron, a magical grimoire, and satanic scrolls are some of the symbols that may be found on the reels of this game. Other symbols include the playing card ranks 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A.

The visuals have an appropriate level of chic, and the action moves at a breakneck speed. The music is equally strong, with a complete heavy metal soundtrack playing throughout and wailing riffs of death piercing through the odor of sulphur whenever you succeed to produce a winning combo. The visuals are as intense, with a full-screen view of the game’s world.

The game is played like a grid slot, and when a winning combination is achieved, the symbols that form that combination are removed from the board to make place for even more symbols to fall from above. Because of this technique, it is possible to win multiple times from any particular spin; therefore, if the devil is in a giving mood, you could win a significant amount at any given time.

Stunning Examples of Satanism

Discovering the various diabolical elements hidden inside this game can be a lot of fun. The first is the Mark of the Beast feature, which may be triggered at any time and improves your chances of winning more by either upgrading symbols that already have high payouts or deleting symbols that already have low payouts.

The second unique feature of the game is called the Secret of the Beast, and it is a free spins mode that awards a total of twelve more free games to the player. We could tell you how to activate this hidden mode, but we took an oath not to, so you will just have to figure it out on your own. We are not going to give you any hints.

What the Organization Has to Say

According to Carl Ejlertsson, Director of Business Development at Red Tiger, “Devil’s Number challenges players to face the horrors of the underworld in search of riches.” “Devil’s Number challenges players to face the horrors of the underworld in search of riches.” “With its hidden free spins mode and randomly activated features it will keep slots fans on the edge of their seats as they progress through the game.”

Make a Faustian pact with Yourself Today!

Although it is not particularly likely that betting on the Devil’s Number will enable you to form a Faustian deal with the devil and barter your soul for a jackpot, you should probably give it a shot nevertheless because it may be quite lucrative. We’ll see you in hell if you play at Betsafe Casino or any other establishment that provides access to Red Tiger games.

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